Our state-of-the-art mining equipment & team of experienced professionals, are committed to providing efficient & sustainable mining services.

Our mines are located in some of the richest natural minerals bearing areas of India

Who We Are

We Are Kunjilal Ishwari Prasad Agrawal Mineral Mining Company, a Government of India Registered Enterprise.

We are a natural mineral mining company dedicated to providing the highest quality minerals to our customers. Our operations are focused on the extraction and processing of some of the world's finest minerals, including Barni ochre, white clay, Laterite, Bauxite, and Koldiha ochre.

Mining Area 1 : Village - Barui, Tahsil, District - Satna, Madhya Pradesh, India

Mining Area 2 : Village - Koldiha No.2, Tahsil, Ramnagar, District - Satna, Madhya Pradesh, India


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